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Let’s Be Realistic – And Patient – With Each Other & Ourselves 

I recently read a column that stated, “We’re all in the same storm, but we’re not all in the same boat.” I think this is true. Closed schools, layoffs, loneliness, cabin fever, financial pressure…each of us has been hit in a different, but no less disruptive way.

The stress has hit us all hard, too. Bad habits may have developed or returned. Pounds may have been gained. Tensions at home may have flared.

We are all going to have to be realistic about returning to “normal,” whatever “normal” is or will be. We are not going to be on our “A” game. It’s not going to be business as usual, certainly for a while.

Lessons learned from wartime, particularly Vietnam, is that soldiers exposed to extreme trauma can’t just be discharged and returned home. A guy being shot at in the jungle on a Thursday may not be ready for his “welcome home” party next Tuesday at his parents’ suburban home. There needs to be a transition period to adjust.

I propose that we all give each other some leeway, some latitude, as we return to work. We’ve all been in different boats, but we’ve all been rocked hard, dramatically and disruptively. Let’s not be too hard on others, and let’s not be too hard on ourselves.

We should all be committed to getting back on track, but let’s not rush the process. We’re going to have a way to go once we “return.”

Jordan Friedman is a Partner at Bond Moroch.

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