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IATSE Local 478

Born from workers pledging to support each others’ efforts in establishing fair wages and working conditions in new entertainment mediums, craft expansion, and technological innovation.


Overview & Objectives

Bond Moroch was hired by IATSE Local 478 – which has jurisdiction over the State of Louisiana, Southern Mississippi and Mobile, Alabama – to develop and manage a social media content strategy to support its members, as well as generate more public awareness for strategic initiatives relating to the local film industry. Bond Moroch developed and maintained IATSE 478’s day-to-day communications on social media, while also maintaining two separate campaigns aimed at gathering more data on professionals working within the film industry and supporting safety initiatives for entertainment workers.

Our goals for this initiative were as follows:

  • Increase IATSE 478’s following on Facebook
  • Develop and execute ongoing content relevant to film industry and local union news
  • Develop and execute an informational gathering campaign to inform ongoing film legislation
  • Support strategic nationwide initiatives aimed at improving safety conditions


In order to successfully execute this campaign and meet client goals, Bond Moroch developed custom branding for IATSE 478’s social media channels, weekly content, and strategic social media advertising targeting film industry professionals to grow the union’s audience base. Bond Moroch also provided graphic and collateral support in addition to social media monitoring and community management. Content and advertising were continually retargeted and refined according to user response for maximum impressions and engagement.

Bond Moroch also developed an advertising campaign to support IATSE 478’s film industry survey, an important informational gathering document presented to film leaders to inform legislative decisions regarding film industry tax credits. Finally, we supported national efforts on the #SafetyForSara campaign, a national IATSE initiative aimed at increasing safety protocols for film, television and stage workers, through strategic social content sharing and original content generation.

Results & Impact

IATSE 478 saw great growth during the course of our work, including a sizeable increase in their audience. Our campaigns also garnered a significant response to their film industry survey.

  • 249,095 impressions on film survey content
  • +2,499 Total Fans and Followers on IATSE’s social channels
  • 4,508 total promotional post engagements
  • 200+ survey responses from industry professionals using strategic content and awareness building

New Orleans HQ

3308-B Magazine Street New Orleans, LA 70115

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