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New Orleans Nightmare: Client Spotlight


Searching for spooky encounters this Halloween?

Look no further than New Orleans Nightmare, one of the city’s newest haunted attractions. With Hollywood-quality sets, crew, and top-notch special effects that are unrivaled, guests will feel as if they’ve stepped into their very own horror film where they’re the star! In addition to the horrifying three main attractions, Darkest Dreams, Clown, and Rise of the Dead, thrill-seekers will have the option to experience two escape rooms and a new add-on attraction, PHOBIA SENSORY OVERLOAD. The newest feature to the haunt submerges guests in a maze total darkness, forcing them to rely only on their senses to escape.

Located at 319 Butterworth Street in Jefferson, the haunt is open every night through November 2nd from 7 PM – 10:30 on weekdays and until midnight on weekends. Tickets begin at $29.99, with the option of adding a $10 fast pass or a $20 pass to skip the lines.

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