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Radixx International

A cloud-based service system that offers travel distribution and passenger services for reservation and merchandising.

Overview & Objectives

Orlando-based Radixx International (Radixx) is a provider of cloud-based passenger service systems (PSS) for airlines. Radixx needed to build media coverage and publicity and engaged Bond Public Relations for a thought leadership campaign specifically for its CEO Ron Peri.

Our goal was to position Peri as an industry thought leader who can provide timely insight to a plethora of topics, ultimately creating prominent earned media interview opportunities.


Bond and Peri collaborated in researching and compiling an “Airborne Index” of his insight, across a variety of topics and geographic regions. The index was meticulously targeted and sent as a resource to airline media across North America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, the Indian subcontinent and South East Asia (trades, major international publications, daily newspapers).

Bond then crafted topical message and insights based on industry trends and an extensive media scan of what reporters had been covering. The overarching goal of our strategy was to create this insight document, share it in a non-invasive manner, generate credibility with the reporters and ultimately secure media interviews and coverage.

Objectives were:

  • Inform media about Peri’s ability to provide valuable contribution to a wide range of industry topics
  • Secure media interview opportunities and ultimately secured coverage for Radixx

Bond conducted extensive media research to create the most up-to-date, relevant database and pitched the Airborne Index accordingly. Initial conversations with The Wall Street Journal and The Orlando Sentinel led to publications calling back for future help + inclusion in articles. Mashable, Bloomberg and USA Today all reached out down the road, noting the index and asking if Peri was still available to be a source

Results & Impact

In the months following initial outreach, multiple prominent media publications reached out to Bond, inquiring if Peri was available to provide insight for timely articles being written. Bond secured digital and print placements for Peri and Radixx in Bloomberg, USA Today, Mashable and The Orlando Sentinel ranging on topics from Delta and Southwest’s systems failures to pilot training shortages and hidden airline fees. Bond also secured an interview and placement for a Radixx employee with The Wall Street Journal, after Peri spoke with the reporter – a conversation that started as a result of the Airborne Index.

Highlights include:

New Orleans HQ

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