The New Team Algorithm

How leaders can take the helm of their company cultures for a smooth landing as we return to work.

As the country begins re-opening for business, leaders of organizations around the country are encountering a daunting challenge:  Americans have fundamentally changed during COVID-19.

People are working remotely and have become disconnected.  Many are anxious about coming back to work.  Communications skills may be rusty.  Tolerance thresholds for inappropriate behavior, unaddressed inefficiencies, and other problems due to improperly managed workplace cultures are gone.

Taking control of an organization’s post-COVID workplace culture is not an HR function:  It is a C-Suite imperative.  If an organization’s leadership does not guide the culture rebuilding process, it is possible that other players or agendas can co-opt it, and possibly in ways that are not beneficial.

Organizations are complex.  There can be challenges posed by silos, legacy processes and strong, possibly problematic, personalities.  Organizations whose cultures are not carefully managed risk suboptimal productivity and profitability.  And worse, unmanaged cultures can lead to high turnover, hostile workplace lawsuits, and damaged company reputations.

Our program is designed to help leaders successfully chart a course that can help them effectively rebuild the cultures of their respective organizations and make them stronger than ever.


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Jordan Friedman is a Partner at Bond Moroch


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