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Orphan Brands: A Sad Tale of Lost Value


A Webinar for Brand Portfolio Companies Brought to You by The Beverage Development & Marketing Alliance (BDMA)

Presented by:

  • Jordan Friedman, Partner, Bond Moroch
  • Michon Ellis, CEO, CLOUT   
  • Jerald O’Kennard, Director, Beverage Testing Institute


While some brands become obsolete and reach the end of their lifecycle, many brands that are solid and wither do so out of neglect.

For companies that own multiple brands, how much latent value resides within their portfolios? This value can be unlocked. Brands in limbo leave vast amounts of money on the table.

Whether you keep them or sell them, orphan brands MUST be dealt with. You can invest in them and make them money makers in terms of product sales. OR you can invest in them and realize some real appreciation in value that results in a great sale price.

This presentation is not about marketing. This is about accessing dollars that are just sitting there waiting to be had.

Watch the full webinar:

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