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The Pets of Bond Moroch


Meet our new coworkers


With quarantine still in effect and many people working from home, our regular routines have changed. Our office chairs have turned into couches, meetings and happy hours have become virtual, and for many of us, our coworkers are now our fur babies. They may not always practice social distancing with us, but they sure are great at making us feel loved when we can’t see our friends or family – and they’re probably just as thrilled to have you around as you are them!

As stay at home orders are in place for at least another month and the news can be stressful, we thought we’d share the cheery faces that brighten up our days at home and keep us going with you – we hope they brighten your day up too!

  • Archie – Pet Parent: Ally Hodapp

Born on the Fourth of July, Archie Hodapp lives for belly rubs and afternoon games of tug-of-war with his best friend, Mac the Plushy Shark. He quickly learned the “sit” command and thought that was enough to get a lifetime of treats. He loves visiting with friends at Canine Connection and dreams of being the perfect watchdog. When not in New Orleans, Archie can be found roaming the beaches in Amelia Island. His ultimate goal is to befriend a turtle. Archie was rescued from Zeus’ Place in 2019. He lives in the Warehouse District.

  • Zelda – Pet Parent: Jordan Friedman

Zelda is a feisty cavalier, who takes her job as a lap dog very seriously. She enjoys long walks in the Quarter, fetch sessions in the park, Rouses honey turkey, and likes to steal a sip of a margarita on occasion.

  • Rory – Pet Parent: Jennifer Bond

Rory really loves Mom being home all day. She spends a ton of time on the porch watching the neighbors and having playdates with friends. She likes to sit at her mom’s desk with her and mope because she wants attention. She barks A LOT at people and dogs walking by, which Jen is sure has annoyed her neighbors for three years and she never knew. Training may be in her future. For Rory, this pandemic seems to have suited her well.

  • Oliver – Pet Parent: Skipper Bond

Oliver is an English Shepherd who LOVES sticks and LOVES bringing them into the house and chewing them up.

  • Sam & Dean – Pet Parent: Allison Staub

Named after the brothers from CW’s Supernatural, Sam and Dean spend most of their days saving people (by donating their cat hair for warmth) and hunting things (like bugs) – the family business. When the Winchester brothers aren’t demon-hunting, they enjoy being lap cats and chattering at birds out the window.

  • Emma – Pet Parent: Camille Rome

Emma Rome is a lab mix rescue who loves snacks, walks, and following Camille around wherever she goes. Camille is a cat person who’s learning to be an Emma person.

  • Bolt – Pet Parent: Caroline Morris

Bolt is a rescue pitty who loves playing tug-of-war (he always wins), pats, eating, and cuddling. Although his name comes from the lightning bolt-shaped scar on his back, he lives up to it in more ways than one, bolting away from his mom whenever he gets the chance and zooming back and forth through the house for seemingly no reason. Bolt is enjoying his quarantine time by eating lots of treats, napping in the sun, and barking at the mailman.

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